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Our Charities

Petland established Safari Stan’s Children’s Charities in 1994 with a mission to support children in need. As a part of its charitable efforts, Petland supports two organizations – the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Every year, Petland collects donations year-round for St. Jude and has raised over $850,000 since 2009 to aid in research and medical care for children battling cancer and other diseases. In addition, Petland has fulfilled more than 500 pet-related wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America since 1998, contributing over $250,000 towards the cause.

Petland believes that pet therapy is a valuable addition to its retail environment. As an advocate for the human-animal bond, Petland regularly takes its pets to visit school children and nursing home residents. Numerous studies have shown that pets offer many benefits to people, including reducing stress, improving mood, and providing comfort and companionship. Petland recognizes the positive impact of pets on people’s lives and encourages the use of pet therapy as a means of improving overall wellbeing.

Petland actively participates in the national Pets in the Classroom program, which is organized by the Pet Care Trust. This program provides financial grants to teachers to help them purchase pets and necessary pet supplies for their classrooms. Petland’s involvement in this program not only enhances responsible pet ownership but also promotes the human-animal bond. Since 2014, Petland stores have provided over 600 grants to teachers, enabling them to incorporate pets into their classrooms and offer students a unique and enriching learning experience.


Petland extends its support to homeless pets in our communities. Petland’s Pet Counselors work with these pet welfare groups and the community to ensure that these homeless pets find suitable families and loving homes. Since 1998, Petland stores have helped find homes for more than 350,000 abandoned or unwanted pets, which highlights the company’s commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.

Petland recognizes the significance of the human-animal bond and is dedicated to providing local communities with the resources necessary to foster and enhance this special connection between people and their pets. Through various initiatives, such as pet therapy, grants for classroom pets, and supporting homeless pets, Petland strives to promote responsible pet ownership, improve pet welfare, and encourage the benefits of the human-animal bond. Petland’s commitment to these efforts highlights its belief in the positive impact that pets have on people’s lives and the importance of maintaining and strengthening this bond.

Petland stores across the United States offer various forms of assistance to over 200 therapy dogs and K9 units serving in fire stations, police departments, and sheriff offices. Petland provides financial aid and feeding programs to these animals. Furthermore, Petland stores extend their assistance to local veterans and facilities by providing service dogs to support them.

Petland extends its support to disabled veterans through Heartland Canines for Veterans, an organization that provides therapy, companion, and service dogs to veterans in need. As a part of its commitment to this cause, Petland sponsors the complete cost of one training dog per year, which amounts to $7,200. By doing so, Petland contributes to improving the lives of disabled veterans, who benefit greatly from the companionship and assistance provided by these specially trained dogs. This partnership highlights Petland’s dedication to supporting the needs of the veteran community and promoting the welfare of animals.


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